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Blue Tin Farm Herd

Hand raised and lovingly socialized from the day they are born, Blue Tin Farm’s goats are well known for their gentle, playful personalities.  Our milkers produce the rich, creamy, sweet tasting milk that people love. The retired and senior members of our herd also make wonderful pets or therapy animals.
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Purchasing Our Goats

Selecting Goats

Goats need a companion from their own herd to thrive in a new environment.  Although priced individually, all of our goats are sold at least in pairs. You’ll see some adult goats offered in specific groups or recommended pairs when we feel it is best. Discounts are offered with the purchase of four goats or more.

Reservations & Payments

We are currently taking reservations for our 2022 kids, and have a limited number of adults available for sale.   

A non-refundable deposit of $100 per animal for dairy or breeding stock, ($50 for a wether), is required at the time of your reservation.  We cannot hold a goat or consider a sale “pending” until your deposit is received. Deposits should be made via PayPal, plus their additional transaction fee, unless you visit our farm to make your deposit in cash.

The remaining balance on your purchase will be due upon notification that your goats are ready to leave. Payment in full must be in the form of cash, money order or PayPal.  If shipping is required, the buyer must arrange for and pay all fees associated with transport, including shipping crate, health certificate fees, and any testing required for the State where the goat is to be shipped.

Please note, because of our strict attention to disease prevention and biosecurity, once your purchased goats leave our farm, we accept no returns. If a purchased doe is later confirmed infertile, we will gladly offer a replacement, or if none are available, a full refund. Since we cannot control the goats' environment once they leave our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees.

Thank you for your understanding.

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