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Welcome to Blue Tin Farm. We are a small working farm in Maine raising Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs. Our goat milk is used in the production of our soap, lotion, and cheese and we sell pork products in an array of quantities and cuts. 

Crystal Lewis came to the Boothbay area in 2005 after working as a certified Veterinary Technician for 15 years in Boston. Crystal has an Associates Degree in Animal Science and a Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Technology. Her experience working with animals ranges from gorillas and penguins to house pets and farm animals.  

In 2008 Crystal was given two baby goats for her birthday - Snapdragon and Buttercup. From there the farm slowly grew. In 2015 the farm was moved from her home on Barter's Island, which she lovingly called the "Blue Tin Can" to the farm in Edgecomb, Today Blue Tin Farm is the home to over 40 goats, "Rosie" the "pet" pig, 3 GOS sows and a handsome GOS boar named "Charlie". Mascovy ducks, chickens, a rooster named "Hornito", rabbits and more.

In 2017 the farm store was built which will be opening in the summer of 2019. Our dairy kitchen is also in the works - we are excited to share our goat milk cheese with you!

We host a number of farm tours throughout the year - the animals love visitors! Those who have visited Blue Tin Farm have had the pleasure of meeting our pet pig, Rosie, who rules the yard and likes to be part of whatever is going on. Check out her pictures in our gallery!

To book a farm tour or to inquire about our pork, piglets, or goats for sale, contact us.

Seth and Rosie

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